Creating your Swingers Profile

Thousands of swingers come to SexxyMofo every day looking to post their personal swingers ads to try and spice up their sex life. Personal swingers ads should be creative, open, honest and intriguing to attract other members to your profile so you have the best chance of being contacted by others swingers on SexxyMofo. We will provide you with a few tips to ensure your time on SexxyMofo is truly beneficial and rewarding.

When creating your personal swingers ad just remember to keep 2 things in mind: tell other people about yourselves and be very creative to stand out from thousands of other ads.


This is a very important first step. It is the first question we ask you to complete on the Sign-Up Page and one that should be given a lot of thought and consideration. Great and unique screen names tend to stand out and attract attention. We created SexxyMofo as our first screen name we ever used on a swingers site and a few years later it is now the name of the one of the largest and most well known swingers website and swingers party in the country. Have fun with creating your screen name but remember that you are looking to catch the eyes of browsing couples.


This is the next big question we ask you to complete. This is equally as important as your screen name as it provides some insight into who you are and what you are looking for. This is the first thing other swingers on the site will read about you and usually within seconds decide if they are going to click through to your profile to read further. Generic looking introductions like "looking for fun" or "party cpl" will more times then not be overlooked and skipped so make sure you put some thought into this.

If you are open and honest in your introduction then you will attract the types of swingers you are looking for and your experiences on SexxyMofo will far exceed your expectations. Do not be shy. Say you are a hot couple looking for other hot couples if that is truly who you are and what you are looking for.


In this section we provide you with a few check boxes to provide a bit more insight as to who you are and what you are looking for. Here are the 4 questions asked and below each you will find many options in which you can check off:

  • Types of playmates you are looking for
  • Types of sexual play you are looking for
  • Where do you feel most comfortable meeting
  • Lifestyle experience


Now that you have properly set up your profile to attract the right types of swingers it is time to give them more detail about who you are and what made you enter into the swinging lifestyle. We recommend making it long enough to provide some insight but not too long as it comes off as a novel. Leave something to the imagination so to speak.

We ask you to complete 4 basic questions which we believe if answered appropriately and honestly will give the reader of your swingers personal ad enough information to decide if they wish to pursue a conversation with you and possibly set up a time to meet.

Question 1: Just how sexxy & amazing are you?

This is a great section to talk about your physical appearance, such as: height, weight, bust size or any other relevant descriptive information about your appearance. If you think you are gorgeous and very fit then by all means say so. If you are not looking for "Ken & Barbie" types then let others know that. Just always remember to be honest because there is nothing worse then leading people on and telling them you look one way but when you finally meet you look a completely different way.

Question 2: What kind of naughty fun are you looking for?

Let other swingers know just how wild or shy you are. Talk about any fantasies you have that have yet to be fulfilled. This is definitely the section you can be creative with to stand out from other swinger ads and catch the attention of others looking at your profile.

Question 3: Describe the type of people you would like to meet.

Again, be honest. If you are looking for only young and attractive couples then say so. If you are only interested in finding a bi-sexual female for a threesome then let others know this. Also, letting other members know what you are NOT looking for is also very helpful. If you are a new swinger with little experience maybe you want to write that you are looking for other couples with some more experience then you to help you move along in the lifestyle and get more comfortable. Or maybe just the opposite. Maybe you want to find others who have the same amount of experience then you so you do not feel any pressure and can move slowly together while feeling your way through.

Always remember to be polite in your ads. Try not to offend anyone when you describe what you may NOT be looking. Refrain from using phrases like "no fat people." Simply say "we are looking for athletically built or slim couples."

Question 4: What made you decide to enter into this lifestyle?

Maybe you read an article or saw a show on swinging. We originally got into swinging when we read an article in Playboy Magazine many years. There were parties happening right here in NYC that sounded amazing so we gave it a shot and have never looked back.

Maybe a friend referred you to to take advantage of our FREE 30-Day Trial Membership to give it a shot and see if it is something you may be interested in.

Whatever the reason is you are bound to find others who got into swinging the same way as you so feel free to share how it all started with other members.


This is by far the most important part of your profile. You can create the best profile in the world with the most incredible stories and descriptions about yourselves but without uploading any pictures the likelihood of you getting noticed or contacted by other swingers is going to be far and few.

Adding a few pictures to your swingers personal ad guarantees that you will get contacted by 80% more then a profile with no pictures. Swingers have learned that profiles with pictures tend to be REAL people looking for REAL experiences. Many sites out there would rather have a bunch of half complete or empty profiles. We do not play that game at SexxyMofo. We review all profiles to ensure they are of the highest quality and strongly encourage all members to upload at least one photo. Keep in mind that the photos you upload do not even have to show your faces (although highly recommended it). If it is a full body shot and you cover your face that is usually enough to give another member an idea of who you are and what you may look like.

We also are one of the only swinger sites that offers all of our members 3 separate sections to place their photos for your privacy and security.

  1. For All Eyes - in this section every member will be able to view these photos so make sure they are ones you do not mind being viewed.
  2. 100% Mofo Certification - in this section only members who have been validated as REAL by another member on SexxyMofo will have access to viewing these photos.
  3. Password protected - in this section ONLY you can grant access to another member to view these photos. You also have the ability to remove the access you have granted to another member and at all times see who in fact still has access to viewing these photos.

We provide you with an easy to use upload feature on Sign-Up Page #2 and encourage you to upload at least one photo initially. After you get on the site and view other profiles you can get a better feel of what other members have uploaded and what you feel best represents you.


All we ask is that you DO NOT upload any XXX photos or close ups of your private parts as your main photo. SexxyMofo is considered one of the sexiest swingers sites out there and by far one of the classiest. All profiles with XXX photos or close ups will be removed immediately.


Hopefully, you have learned a lot about how to create your swingers personal ad and are ready to take the next step and go to our Sign Up Page and put what you have learned here to work. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to contact us at