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AquaLounge New York was born to bring you a future destination with a touch of class and full of amenities. In AquaLounge you are not only there to meet great individuals in the Lifestyle, but also you will get to use a full service facility with many...  more
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New York Gangbang

<p>Our Gangbang parties welcome those who have a fantasy of being with in a group setting.</p>
<p>We invite couples/women and single males, to explore their kinks and enjoy all forms of safe, anonymous and consensual play.</p>
<p>These are the hottest...  more
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HellFire Club

<p>In the 1800s a group called the HellFire Club was created. It was a way to allow the playful and sensual people to have a place where they can let go of their inhibitions. The Hellfire and Jester Masons (which Eyes Wide Shut was based on) allowed...  more
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<p><span style="background-color: #333333; color: #ff99cc; font-size: large;"><br /></span></p>
<div align="justify"><span style="background-color: #333333; color: #ff99cc; font-size: large;"><em><strong>Please</strong></em><em><strong>...  more
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Foot Fetishists/Enthusiasts!

<p>For those of us who admire beautiful feet, and those of us to love having our feet admired, this group is for those who love all things feet and toes! You get all hot and bothered having your feet/toes licked? Find someone here to lick them! Is...  more
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NJ Hot Swingers

We Created this Group bc of the lack of Quality couples we noticed in Club in our Area, we been doing House and Meet &amp; Greets for 6 Years ago &amp; now have a large following of incredibly good looking couples &amp; single females......  more
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<p>Hi, My name is Mark D., I am a professional massage therapist with training and years of experience in different modalities of massages, including Sensual Massages.<br />I also teach the art of sensual massage, that a person can use on...  more
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$40 COUPLES COVER &amp; $30 Annual couples membership (charged 1x a yr)Who would
have thought you could have an on-premise club right in your own backyard?
ILLUSIONS is the Naughty Neighborhood swing club that won't break your bank. You
can get out, play...  more
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Long Island Lifestyles

<p>This group is dedicated to helping Long Island Swingers find other like minded couples in the Lifestyle community.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Please feel free to share your experiences as a swinger on Long Island, advice on meeting new people in the...  more
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Shoes Only Travel - Expose yourself to adventure!

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